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We collect for the Winged House of Hope because we do not want to lose it.

We collect for the Winged House of Hope because we are developing.

We collect money for the Winged House of Hope because there is no place in Poznań where you can receive psychological support.
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Toddler's Club for children from Ukraine
In carrying out our mission, we want to give children wings, regardless of their nationality.
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In the summer of 2021, under the auspices of the Uskrzydleni Foundation, the Iskra Scout Association organized a summer scout camp in the Notecka Forest
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In helping, our good heart and commitment counts, but sometimes we may lack ideas on how to help the right people benefit from our support, here is Marta's idea.
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House of Hope

To spreads wings and brings help to Poles and Ukrainians. Help us buy it.

So far, as a foundation, we have rented a part of the house, the activities of which we are briefly mentioning.

However, there is an opportunity to buy it and expand our plans and dreams.

We start the race until December, and our goal is one million zlotys. We are looking for a million people who will pay one zloty, so little, and so much for us! Stay with us, you are one in a million.


Action through uplifting: discovering potential and using it for development.

The Foundation fulfill its mission through:

Supporting people in discovering their beauty, identity and potential, both among children and adults

Equipping people with motivation and skills to act, through workshops and trainings

Encouraging people to social activities, promoting volunteering


The „Uskrzydleni” Foundation was established on February 12, 2016 by the married couple, Bernarda Grzywacz-Nowicka and Rafał Nowicki.

On May 30, 2016 the Foundation was entered into the National Court Register.

The logo of the Foundation was designed by Magdalena Bloch.
The website was designed by Magdalena Witczak.

You will not help anyone if you have not yet spread your wings


The „Neverland” is a place that really exists.

The „Neverland” is a sociotherapeutic daycare center for children from families in need of support. We have been operating in Swierczewo in Poznan since 2006.
We give children wings by teaching them to discover their own potential and act with passion.

What can children find in Neverland?

Safe relationships

based on understanding and respect


which supports emotional development


psychological and pedagogical

Interesting trips

as well as games and sport activities

Occupational therapy

which allows them to develop their talents

Holiday trips

summer camps, summer play centers

Thanks to what the „Neverland” gives children, they discover their talents.
They learn to respect and express emotions and desires in an assertive and communicable way. They gain courage and trust in themselves and other people, and build their self-esteem. During the workshops they learn how to deal with difficult situations and face fears.

The „Neverland” gives children the opportunity to develop and catch up with their education.
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Foundation statute

Foundation settlement: report of the year 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019


Supporting christian scouting

The Bible is accessible to the deaf

Social activities

Creative education



By making a donation to the account of the Uskrzydleni Foundation, you help with us.

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Regular donation is a simple way to help.

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Set up a fund-raiser and invite your friends to join you.

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A wedding is a great opportunity to help.

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The Uskrzydleni Foundation can help other thanks to the volunteers who are not afraid of challenges.

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With the support of your company we can help in the long term. Systematic financial support will allow us to reach out to a larger number of people in need and complete our projects faster. If you want to join us, there are many forms of cooperation that we can offer you.

Choose the form of help and contact us.

President of the Foundation: Bernarda Grzywacz-Nowicka, tel. 537477140
Director of Development: Maria Wojciechowska-Hamik, tel. tel 791990363, m.wojciechowska-hamik@uskrzydleni.com


By sharing your profits with us, you enable us to implement our projects.

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Would you like to involve the company’s employees in helping? It is quite simple.

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Material donation or free service provided

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Payroll is a way to directly involve the company and employees in activities for the Uskrzydleni Foundation.

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ul. Będlewska 6,
60-101 Poznań, Poland

President of the Foundation
Bernarda Grzywacz-Nowicka
537 477 140

Director of Development

Maria Wojciechowska-Hamik
791 990 363

Coordinator of volunteers

Ewa Krystkiewicz
508 353 909

Cooridinator of wedding fund-raiser

Sarah Taylor-Jaskólska
502 259 260

NIP 7792442928 | Regon 364541171 | KRS 0000620027 (date of entry 25.05.2016)

Bank account number: PL 20 1090 1476 0000 0001 4333 0236